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Brisson Group Customer Success Program

The Brisson Group Customer Success Program will flexibly maximize your customer PR and marketing results across all vertical markets. The turnkey program lets you build a rich inventory of referenceable customers you can utilize to improve your visibility in the press, marketplace, on your Web site and in the field. Utilizing qualified customers, Brisson Group will write customer press releases, profiles and/or pitch letters that underscore the business value and technical strength of your solutions.

Utilizing our program, you'll build an actionable customer database you can use to:

  • Leverage your customers for high-profile speaking opportunities, panel discussions, user groups, trade shows, conferences and other marketing opportunities

  • Quickly provide your sales force with the customer references best suited to promote your solutions to key prospects

  • Increase stand-alone customer feature placements, editorial calendar coverage and participation in trend pieces in key horizontal, vertical and business publications

  • Generate compelling, well-written customer press releases and success stories

  • More easily select customers to participate in new product or product upgrade announcements

  • Rapidly choose customers for beta tests of new products

How it Works

The Customer Success Program consists of the following processes:

Qualifying Customers
Working through your PR/marketing communications team, sales force and channel partners, Brisson Group will identify potential reference accounts and qualify customer contacts to participate in the Customer Success Program. Brisson Group will explain the program verbally and in writing so each customer understands its processes and can easily pass the information to superiors or departments which may be charged with approving their participation. We elicit the customer's approval process for vendor press releases and profiles, optimizing the likelihood that the company will approve them before we write them. This may require communicating with senior level managers at the account or the customer's PR, marketing communications or legal department.

Preliminary Interview & Report
Upon gaining the customer's consent to serve as a reference, Brisson Group conducts a 20-minute preliminary interview on the customer's implementation. We then summarize the interview in a Preliminary Report which we distribute to designated recipients. The Preliminary Report provides a snapshot of the customer's use of your systems and services. It explains the business problem they needed to solve, why they chose your solution, their key applications and the preeminent business benefits, including ROI. It concludes with our recommendation of the suitability of the customer for a release and/or profile. The Preliminary Report is an ideal complement to a pitch letter and will be sent to the customer for approval if used for that purpose.

Release and Profile Writing and Approval
Upon your direction, Brisson Group will write a release and/or a profile. The release and/or profile will be based on a follow up interview with the customer. Each communication will explore the business drivers that led the customer to choose your solution, describe the solution and elucidate the benefits/value it provides. Brisson Group writes both win releases emphasizing the customer's choosing your system/service and more usage releases underscoring the business applications and value your company brings your customer. Brisson Group can develop a profile format that fits your enterprise. Brisson Group profiles are feature-like stories that entice a reader from the lead and keep him/her interested using animated words and images. Brisson Group will submit copy to you for approval and forward it to your customer for approval.

Customer Database + Status Reporting
Brisson Group will issue weekly status reports on all referencing and placement contacts. We will also create, manage and update a database with all referenceable customers and distribute the database each week to select staff and external consultants and agencies of your choosing. The database will include all vital information, including the sales rep, customer contacts, products used, status of writing projects, and a comments field with the latest information on contacts with the customer.

Brisson Group places releases and/or profiles in horizontal and vertical trade publications as well as the business press. Releases and/or profiles are submitted as advanced exclusives to a key horizontal and business publication and distributed en masse to verticals. Once an article is published, our client typically issues the release across the Business or PR Newswires and, in the case of profiles, posts it on their Web site.

Brisson Group will work within your budget to maximize program results. We will provide weekly status reports of costs, including all hours worked and costs-to-date, including writing assignments. Referencing, preliminary interviews, preliminary reports and placements are billed at our $155 hourly rate. All writing is billed on a per project basis.