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Corporate Writing

Reaching the Person Inside the Professional

Brisson Group writes virtually every kind of corporate communication--from news releases and bylined articles to success stories, brochures, video scripts, Web content and more. We artfully infuse our client's key messages into every communication and flexibly craft it with the voice and level of detail that serves our client best. We pride ourselves in using an economy of words for a maximum effect and making the reading experience as compelling and pleasurable as possible for our client's audience. Our work is animated yet credible, and we strive with all our skill to reach the person inside the professional so readers can easily connect with and retain our clients' key information and position. We realize that each piece of writing reflects our client, and we vigilantly ensure that the image it casts is positive, accurate and beneficial to our client's interest.

Customer Success Program

Leveraging Customers to Win New Business

Your customers represent a treasure trove of opportunities, all of which you can realize via the Brisson Group Customer Success Program. Using this innovative service, Brisson Group will transform your customer base into a reservoir of references you can tap to create new revenue streams and build your brand. Whether connecting your sales team with the ideal customers to talk to their hottest prospects, recruiting customers to speak at a major event or writing/placing a customer story in a tier-one publication or on your Web site, Brisson Group will deliver the customers you need.

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